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ZESO Spearguns

Invert Roller




  • Made using a special injection molding technique and contains 32.7% carbon that makes it both stronger and lighter.

  • Manufactured with the with one of the world's most advanced CNC / CAD Programming software that offers detailed stages of analysis during design.

  • Produced in many different offsets to suit the needs of each user.

  • Unique top-of-the-line protective “arch” above the rollers to avoid the entanglement of the shaft line while at the same time, making sure the line doesn’t come in contact with the rollers during use.

  • An exceptional design that offers solutions to common problems in similar situations, not found anywhere else.

  • Easy line rigging by the user while in the water. Built-in robust reel line point.

  • Designed to fit many guns on the market.

  • Metal parts (central axis, screws, and washers) from Inox 316 Marine.

  • Self-lubricating Teflon washers used behind the rollers that eliminate the friction for both versions (standard/ ball bearings).

  • Ergonomic design.





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CNC CAD / CAM machines, used by state-of-the-art Created using top of the field athletes around the world.


Predator Long high precision trigger mechanism that offers great user sensitivity at maximum loads.


Speargun tube made of a special aluminum alloy and also has a spear shaft guide along the top.

Special ceramic dye on the gun barrel that offers durability in direct sunlight and shockproof abilities.


Easily customizable by the user regarding the trigger safety, head, reel, and camera mount.


Detachable head


Quality control


5-year guarantee for body


Limited lifetime guarantee for the trigger mechanism


FREE Universal Smart Flap Camera Mounting Kit

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